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Open OMF2097

File Formats

Reverse Engineering


Open OMF is a remake of a 1994 DOS game called OMF2097.

It is currently in heavy development by a team of hardcore fans.

The team consists of:

If you would like to join the team please visit #omf on and add your name to this list.

We are currently recruiting:

  • Reverse engineers specializing in DOS and Intel 32 bit ASM.
  • Hackers
  • Graphics Artists
  • Hot Girls :)

SubWiki: openomf

A note on the SubWiki and how to use it. The path to the OpenOMF start page is now: [[:openomf:start]], but every page inside the subwiki can be refered to with no paths (meaning no use of : as that indicates hard path), like this: [[omf2097_file_formats]].


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