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do0d, seriously! After we completed the game, my friends and I played it to death. I would love to see a remake of OMF2097, or maybe a prequel (cuz everyone and their mom does it these days). Even an 8-bit, 2D sprite version of it would be fun with the proper game-play mechanics. :] Too bad I can only draw stick figures, and my programming skills fall between “Hello World” and a syntax error in line xxxxx. Can't be good at everything, sadly. :]
- Kenny Chow

Place to dump music and remixes of the OMF games.

Music: Omf2097

The original Omf2097 music, once I remember where I put it.

Music: Omf2097 Remix

Music: Omf:BG

The MP3's that Saul Bottcher (copperhand) made for us as teasers during the development of OMF:BG, using the Dynamic music format (SGT) of the game.

Music: Omf:BG Remix/Variants

MageKing17 figured out how to get the ModTools to work enough to string together and record music from the game, and used it to make some variations playing different samples than the old ones Saul made.

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