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Welcome to the OMF2097 Wiki

I guess I should add some welcoming notes, or whatever. Basically this is a wiki for the game One Must Fall 2097, you probably guessed that, but it never hurts to add some bacon on top of the sausage. I don't know if anyone really cares about this any-longer, or if the interest is gone etc, but I still enjoy doing this, so I guess I'll stick to it. I still enjoy finding new information about this game, and try to gather up all those small details people got stuck in their heads, but never wrote down before.

This wiki has also mostly replaced my old website, simply because it is much easier to manage and deal with this, than old html pages. Feels so much freer to just go in and edit pages directly instead of editing html pages and saving then uploading and so on. That, and I've learned to really love the wiki codes, makes life so much easier than html/css.

If you want to help, just tell me. Any kinda help is welcome, information, data, cleaning up pages, spelling and sentence structure, whatever you want really. Just tell me, as I need to setup the accounts manually, since those stupid bots kept registering accounts, so I had to shut down the automatic registration.

Uhhh, I think thats it. Have fun! Or flee in terror, whichever suits you best.


- Jon Eirik

Update 2016.04.23

After updating the Wiki code, it decided to mess up my color scheme. So Wiki is updated, and I managed to mix together something readable and somewhat resembling the old style. Will work on this and fix more later on.

Also, making some structural changes to the Wiki, so please be patient while I figure things out. All the pages are still there, but can be somewhat harder to find. The Navigation bar should however list each Sub-Wiki by folder, and let you search through it for any page you're looking for.

Update 2013.06.06

Just disabled registering to stop all those stupid bots from registering multiple accounts per day. If you're interested in getting an account, just contact me in whatever form and I'll set it up manually for you. It will be a whole lot less work for me than deleting multiple bot accounts per day. :)

Update 2013.06.03

Did a complete overhaul of the install, code, and template. This is because I updated the actual wiki software, but not the template, and this for some reason caused some problems that removed some functions on the site. Anyways, this should be a full restore, and everything up to date and working. I also learned a few new things about the software while at it, so not a complete loss.

Officially Online 2013.05.06

The Wiki with the basic pages and information should now be up and running. No restrictions on registering or editing, add any information you feel is lacking or point out mistakes I've done. If you want to get in contact with me directly about something, just email me, leave a message on the forums, or join the chat-room and yell at me live.

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