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Get off my lawn! You little whippersnappers!
Like fine wine, I just keep getting better.


Initially I didn't see a good reason/use for a wiki about OMF2097, simply because all the information was allready available through my website and Robyrt's FAQ. Anyways after thinking for a couple of years I ended up with three reasons that convinced me that it was worth doing.

  1. Having seen several attempted OMF wiki's online, and their lack of content and updating I felt it might be time to put an end to this by setting up one definitive OMF wiki.
  2. Vagabond and his fellows have done allot of work on understanding the inner workings of several of the file types of OMF, they have used their own wiki and some old forums to store this information, now we might be able to store all in one easy accessible place for all OMF fans.
  3. In line with the second one, this might finally be a viable way to keep track of and updating statuses on fan-projects (like remakes) around OMF. Where they can both gather info for all sides of such a project, and a way to publish information about their project, and a way to gauge the activity of one.


Where to contact or find other people interested in OMF2097:

- Jon Eirik

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